Written translations is the most popular service provided by the translation bureau. Currently, translation bureau UAB ‘Andesta’ translates to and from 20 languages. Professional specialists do translations and text editing.

Areas of translation:

  • Document translation – birth, marriage, divorce, death certificates, passports, personal identity cards, certificates, diplomas and their annexes, work books, driver’s licenses, curriculum vitae, powers of attorney and others.
  • Financial translations – profit (loss) accounts, balances, audit conclusions, extracts from yearly bank reports, finance forecasts and others.
  • IT translations – movie subtitles, websites content, instructions for use of the computer equipment and others.
  • Medical translations – medical certificates, anamnesis, vaccination cards, descriptions of medical preparations, contents and instructions for use, equipment instructions and others.
  • Technical translations – various instructions, drawings, diagrams, descriptions of devices, scientific literature, scientific documents, construction and engineering texts, articles with a specific terminology and others.
  • Legal translations – civil and criminal cases, claims, powers of attorney, companies establishing documents, articles of association, agreements, licenses, customs documents, registration documents, legal acts, court rulings, decisions and others.
  • Business translations – employment agreements, powers of attorney, articles of association, protocols and resolutions, presentations and analytical reviews, projects, protocols, registration certificates, cooperation, rent, provision of services, sale and other agreements, business plans and others.